The NevSkins Story

Believe it or not, our journey into the online world began with the purchase of a lava lamp back in October 2002 through eBay. How amazing that we could see something online, buy and pay for it and trust someone we had never met before to send it. But send it they did and it arrived in perfect condition!

After selling our Sydney engineering business to move to Brisbane and become full time carers for Nick's parents the lava lamp purchase got us to thinking that online could be where we could put our business skills to good use - but what could we sell??

After selling pretty much anything that wasn't nailed down (cough), we spent months searching for the perfect product and stumbled across a new gaming console concept called 'skins'.

Xbox Gold Chrome Skin

Skins changed your ordinarily drab, black gaming console into something pretty remarkable .. so we bought in skins from the various manufacturers in the marketplace to test the quality and durability of the product on our own gaming consoles. We found 'the one' manufacturer back in 2003 and still supply their products today because they are that good!

NevSkins used to be PinkieOnline - but after a 2 year hiatus due to caring responsibilities we changed the name to NevSkins.

Neveranda my warrior dwarf

Why Nev? Well we figured that we started our business selling skins for gaming consoles and Joanne's gamer name is 'neveranda' so NevSkins was born!

Ok so it's not as exciting as hiking the Himalyas and stumbling across a small hut with a monk called Nev who had the solution to the meaning of life.... but .. it's close

Over the years 'skins' have evolved from plain colours to change the look of your gaming console to full on licensed pieces of art from cutting edge artists and brand names. NevSkins now supply printed vinyl skin kits and printed hard cases for just about any device you can think of : phones; iPods; eReaders; tablets; laptops; Hero cameras; Pebble watches and of course everyone's favourite gaming console brands.

The skin kits we supply are manufactured in the USA and printed on demand. The price for our products is commensurate with their quality and don't forget that the artists and brand name designs featured on our products receive a royalty for every sale.

Remember how we discovered the online world with our lava lamp purchase back in 2002? We have never forgotten how nervous we felt handing over our payment to a 'stranger' on the internet and we have made it our mission to help our customers feel safe shopping with us.

We want your experience buying from NevSkins to be safe, friendly and informative. We try to give you a transaction experience that you will want to repeat again in the future because we want you to become a NevSkins repeat customer.


To all of you, from all of us at NevSkins - Thank you!

NevSkins Team


.. oh and the lava lamp still works !!

My Lava Lamp

Here's what one of our customers have said about the products we have supplied to them:

Hi Joanne,

Just wanted to thank you for the latest delivery of a skin for my iPod Classic. I had lost interest in the iPod and used my iPhone for music but now the skin has rejuvenated the iPod and bought back some fun to its use (See pic).

Apple iPod Classic

I chose the matt option and it really feels nice to handle.

Thanks for a great product. I now have several skins for my various gadgets and will always come back to you when I want a change.

warm regards - Suzi.

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