Installation Tips

It's easy to install your new Skin Kit - just follow these easy steps!

Some Basic Installation Tips

Important: If you are using a third-party screen protector or have purchased a screen protector from us, you'll want to install that before installing the skin. If you have any questions about your new skin or the installation process, feel free to contact us!

  • Be sure to wash your hands before starting. Natural oils in your skin can damage the adhesive backing.
  • Look over the skin to familiarize yourself with the pieces so you know which goes where.
  • Use a soft cotton or microfiber cloth and nothing more aggressive than water to clean the device.
  • If the skin sticks to itself, a quick snap frees it. Yanking or pulling can stretch and damage it.
  • Don't separate the clear protective layer from the print - it's there to protect the skin and your device.

Ok, so you've got everything together, now what?

Please Read, as these basic tips and instructions are fundamental to all devices. The application process is easy but should be done with patience and attention to detail. If you feel nervous, seek out a friend to apply the skin or seek some extra advice from us at NevSkins.

  • Step 1 : Work in a well lit space and clean your hands before application. Ensure the device is clean and dry. If you apply a skin kit to a surface that is not clean and dry you may end up with residue patches when removing the skin at a later time. Avoid using solvents or cleaner on the device - a soft cloth is best.
  • Step 2 : Before application, carefully examine your new skin kit. Check it is the right skin kit for your device. Familiarise yourself with the various panels and where they will fit to your device.
  • Step 3 : Slowly peel the first vinyl panel you want to apply from its backing. Do not pull or tug at the vinyl panel during application or you run the risk of stretching it out of shape. Try not to let the adhesive backing stick to itself or another surface - but if the vinyl does happen to stick to itself, a quick snap should free it - do not pull or tug on it to free it up.
  • Step 4 : Pick a starting point for application, perhaps a camera, button cutout or an edge on the device and position your vinyl panel gently over the area you wish to cover. Don't press down to stick the vinyl until you are positive it is in the right position. As long as you don't apply pressure to stick a panel, it can be moved and repositioned until you are sure it looks 'just right' on your device.
  • Step 5 : When you are sure the panel is in the right position, you can slowly and methodically apply pressure to 'stick' the decal to the device. Apply pressure from the middle and slowly work towards the edges when sticking the panels. If a crease or small bubbles form, lift the skin slowly in that area and reapply. For stubborn edges, run your finger along the side to even out the vinyl.
  • Rinse and repeat Step 3 - Step 5 until the skin kit is applied to your device.

Congratulations! ... You have now transformed an ordinary device into something that looks extraordinary ... Time to show it off!