Custom Skin Kits

Make it personal - with a Custom printed design for your skin kit

Express yourself by supplying NevSkins with your favourite photograph or artwork to print on your skin kit order. Custom printed skins make fantastic gifts and really make a device 'your own'. Requirements and cost for custom printing is minimal - read on to find out more.


What size and type of image can I use?

The size and resolution of the artwork or photo you supply us is important for printing purposes. Too small and the image will come out fuzzy (pixelated) during the print production process.

Accepted file formats : .jpg, .pdf, .eps, .ai

Size does matter - if you are supplying us with either a .jpg or .pdf type of image for printing then we need an image that is at least 300 dpi resolution and at a size commensurate with the skin kit on which it is being printed (see size chart for guidance). Unsure whether your image is suitable for printing? No problem - email it through to us at and our print production team will check and let you know.

What is pixelation?

When you zoom an image too much or try to print it too large it can become pixelated. This means the image will look blurry and you'll see all the little colour squares (pixels) that make up the digital image. We let you know when we think an image may not print well as a result.

Are skins printed on clear vinyl?

No, all skins are printed on solid opaque white vinyl. That means if you provide us with an image with areas of transparency, those areas will appear white on the final product.

How much does it cost?

A Custom Fee is charged in addition to the RRP for the skin kit. The fee is AUD 5.00* and is applied per design per device to cover the time our production team spend in setting up each of your designs on the print template.

*This fee assumes the original image file is suitable for print production. More complicated orders attract special, negotiated rates.


How do I order a custom skin kit?

To order contact NevSkins production team at and attach the image/s you wish to submit for your custom print job.

Device Type Graphic/Picture Size

These are just suggestions - depending on the artwork, you may be able to use a smaller image.

DeviceImage Size (inches & pixels)
Mobile Phones (Up to 4"x6") 1600 x 1200
iPods & Media Players (Up to 4"x6") 1600 x 1200
Game Controllers (Up to 4"x6") 1600 x 1200
Small Tablets & Readers (Up to 6"x9") 2400 x 1800
Handheld Game Systems (Up to 6"x9") 2400 x 1800
Larger Tablets & Netbooks (Up to 8"x10") 3072 x 2304
Small Laptops (Up to 11"x14") 3872 x 2592
Home Game Consoles (Up to 12"x18") 4992 x 3328
Full-Size Laptops (Up to 12"x18") 4992 x 3328